Cocoon-nest for babies: master class

Popular brand nests for brands are unreasonably expensive. But every mother strives from the first days of life to give her baby coziness and warmth, so you can save money and make a cocoon yourself. To do this, you will need scissors, sewing accessories, syntepuh, synthetic winterizer, a sewing machine and one hundred percent cotton.

The nest is suitable for children from birth to six months, its design provides for limitation of movements, but inside the cocoon the baby will feel comfortable and safe. The product can be taken with you on a visit or shopping, having such a cocoon the baby can be put to bed and not be afraid to harm him.


To sew a cocoon nest, you need two cuts of cotton fabric measuring 80 by 100 cm, lace 2.6 m long, a wide satin ribbon 3 m long, holofiber or synthetic winterizer for lining the bottom in two layers, holofiber in balls of 0.7 kg.


On a piece of wallpaper, a pattern is drawn that can be found on the Internet. It is important to note the allowances for the seams, draw the middle, the contours of the seams and the designation of the bottom.

Next, you need to sweep two pieces of fabric with the front side inward along with lace. Everything is stitched on a typewriter, the edges are overcast by hand or manually. The latter helps prevent tissue from blooming.

The product is turned out and steamed. 2 cm recede from the edge under the pulling tape, draw a line for the machine line. Two layers of insulation with dimensions of 70 by 35 cm are cut out, the finished product is filled with it and sewn along a pre-drawn line. So that holofiber does not fidget inside, it is necessary to make three transverse seams.

After that, a satin ribbon is pulled with a pin. Further, the cocoon edges are clogged with holofiber or synthetic winterizer. The open edges of the sides for stitching are stitched manually with a hidden seam. Further, the perimeter of the nest is pulled together with satin ribbons, which are tied in a bow. The length of 3 m provides convenient adjustment of the space for the growth of the child.

Watch the video: Гнездо кокон для младенца выкройка МК Baby nest for newborn - pattern - EngSub (April 2020).

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