The most creative ideas for creating flowerpots

A cache-pot is a vessel. It is decorative, has no bottom holes. Serves for placement inside a pot with a plant. The pot for decorating the interior of the house is plastic, wooden, metal, ceramic, woven from a rod. For cold rooms, streets suitable vessel made of earthenware or fireclay.

It lacks drainage holes, which is usually the case for flower pots. Because of this, the cache-pot is not used for planting plants, but is used for decorative purposes. If you do make a landing, then be sure to with the drainage part.

Today, specialized stores offer flower pots for every taste. However, you can be smart and make it yourself. More about some creative ideas for people looking for ways to express themselves.

How pots can fit old shoes. Arranging a flower garden in it, the bottom of the boot is pierced to drain excess water, and covered with fertile soil. Then they plant seeds or use seedlings of their favorite plants and water them.

The composition will be more interesting if the shoe is painted. Such a decorative flower garden will originally decorate the visible side of the house.
Any shoes are suitable for a cache-pot. The most suitable for it are bright, stunted, unpretentious flowers, plants.

A more complex version of the creative planter requires cement, rags, burlap, sand, water to make. From burlap, for example, a ragged bag, in which there used to be sugar, groats, is suitable. A pattern is also used, for example, an old bucket.

First, a solution is prepared from sand, cement, water (the consistency of liquid sour cream). Dip a burlap into it, stand for 1-2 minutes and then wrap a piece (bucket), closing the bottom and sides. Leave to dry for half a day.

After removing the pattern. Hardened burlap in the shape of a bucket is used as a cache-pot. To make it more creative, you need to take paints and decorate the resulting vessel.

Favorite material for pots - cans. Moreover, they are different in color, shape, size. Combining them, create floral arrangements that can attract the eyes of the most indifferent to unusual people.

For the manufacture of flowerpots, in addition to cans, you will need a hammer, nails, a brush, acrylic paints, a base. The latter is most often made of wooden boards; banks are fixed on it.

Capacities are painted in bright colors. When the paint dries in the bottom of the cans, holes are arranged through which excess moisture will go. Next, they attach the cache-pot to the base with nails, pour soil inside and plant flowers. To increase creativity, the surface of the cans is covered with patterns, decorated using ribbons, buttons, beads, beads.

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