Liquid wallpaper: positive and negative sides

Despite the fact that the number of cladding materials is constantly increasing, consumers are increasingly giving preference to liquid wallpaper. Their popularity is increasing every day. Now in almost every apartment you can see the walls for the decoration of which these materials were used.

If you plan to use this material for decoration, you should take into account its positive and negative sides. In addition, there are several important aspects, without which it will be difficult to work with this material.

It is immediately worth noting that liquid wallpaper is a dry composition, which must be diluted immediately before application. Due to the fact that the composition includes special plasticizers and fixers, the applied layer dries quickly enough. If all recommendations were taken into account during the finishing process, the surface takes on a completely new look. It is worth starting their installation only after the work is completed, and the composition completely hardens.

The main components of liquid wallpaper are cellulose, cotton, as well as natural fibers. Since these coatings are environmentally friendly, they can be used to decorate children's rooms. In the process of their use no harmful components are released into the environment. For this reason, many manufacturers equip factories in the city.

Manufacturers supply a wide range of coatings that differ in shades, texture and other indicators. This allows you to choose the original composition for each specific case. Do not worry about the fact that under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, liquid wallpaper will lose color. This will not happen, since during the manufacturing process special fixatives are added to the composition.

The only drawback of liquid wallpaper is that it intensively absorbs moisture. This is what prevents them from being used in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. Undoubtedly, currently there are coatings and other compositions that prevent the absorption of moisture, and also make the layer of liquid wallpaper more resistant to mechanical stress and temperature fluctuations.

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