DIY meat grinder in 5 minutes

To facilitate the performance of homework, many different devices, devices, appliances have been created. They help in the kitchen, in cleaning an apartment, at home, during construction and repair work, facilitating and speeding up processes, freeing up time for family activities, for themselves.

They cost a lot, because many compatriots try to make them on their own, saving the family budget. One of the directions in such creativity is the combination of different devices, which allows receiving useful devices at the output.

Among such solutions is the combination of a conventional manual meat grinder and screwdriver. As a result, the family becomes the owner of a cordless portable meat grinder that can be used anywhere, even far from home. According to some characteristics, it is inferior to branded electrical analogues, but it works no worse than them.

In order to realize the plan, in addition to the combined manual meat grinder and cordless screwdriver, you only need an additional bolt. Its thread should be the same as that of the locking bolt-wing, which is screwed into the rear end of the shaft-screw of the meat grinder and does not allow the handle to slide off the latter.

Assembling an electric meat grinder is very simple. The bolt with the cap is clamped in the screwdriver's chuck. If there are problems, then grind the head, reducing the transverse dimensions. The bolt fit in the screwdriver should be tight. After they take the screw and check how the rod part of the threaded bolt is screwed into its end.

If the check is successful, begin assembling the meat grinder. A shaft with a screw is inserted into the housing, a knife is put on its outer end, then a grate. Close everything with a clamping nut. Fix the meat grinder on the table. Screw the bolt into the axial hole, which is located in the rear end of the screw, and clamp the protruding part with the head in the screwdriver's chuck.

The meat grinder is ready for use. In its receiving compartment lay meat, vegetables that need to be chopped, and include a screwdriver.

The resulting device costs almost free. Its components are in almost any family, costs can be only for the purchase of a suitable bolt. A meat grinder can work anywhere, even outdoors - there is no connection to a power outlet.

The device allows you to easily change modes, which is convenient when grinding different products. For him, getting into the auger of bones is not scary - the ratchet of a screwdriver works, excluding jamming.

The disadvantages of the resulting electric meat grinder include an unpresentable appearance. In addition, there are difficulties in holding the screwdriver, in the unpleasant load that he transfers to the hand.

Watch the video: How to make meat grinder (April 2020).

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