We fill the lighter with a regular can, homemade

Expensive lighters can last a very long time. However, the actual service life of the devices depends on the proper handling of them, in particular, on their refueling. Often, when handling the device inaccurately, they damage its body, mechanism. As a result, the lighter stops working, you have to buy a new one, which is not cheap.

There are certain recommendations on how to refuel your lighter yourself. Following them, you will never damage it, you will not face the need for additional costs for acquiring a new one.

In the process of refueling the lighter, a gas spray is used, complete with various nozzles and a toothpick.

First, what absolutely can not be done in the process of refueling a lighter. Devices designed to operate on ordinary bottled gas are not subject to self-refueling. You should not refuel in rooms in which at this time someone smokes or some electrical appliances are working. The process uses gas that can ignite from a small spark.

Do not refuel a lighter in which gas is not fully developed. With this option, first you need to completely release it and only then proceed with filling with new gas. The remaining gas is released by pressing with a pointed object, a toothpick, on the outlet valve of the device. The gas exiting the device has a specific smell - it will be recognized by it that it has begun or has finished exiting.

After the release of gas residues, the lighter is placed in the freezer so that it cools well. After they take it in one hand, in the other - a can of gas, on which the nozzle necessary for the process is put on. Some spray cans are equipped with universal nozzles that fit any lighter. The lighter should be in its normal, working position - only the spray can is turned over.

The nozzle is connected to the valve of the device and pressed several times. After the filling of the internal capacity of the lighter takes place, the gas begins to come out when the nozzles are pressed in, which indicates the end of the charging process.

You can’t immediately try to light a newly charged lighter - the remnants of the outgoing gas located on the surface of the device may ignite. It’s better to start trying how the lighter works after 5 ... 10 minutes after refueling. The flame may initially be large, but after a few seconds it will normalize.

Watch the video: How to Refill a Lighter - Easy Way (April 2020).

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