How to make a car from plywood

Children love toys. With age, they begin to prefer something more voluminous, mechanical, for example, cars that you can climb into and feel like a real driver. Such gifts are expensive, many parents can not afford. But if the father in the family is “with his hands,” he can make a children's car himself, spending little money on it.

For manufacturing, you can use plywood. The material is practical, versatile, easy to process, eco-friendly and inexpensive. From it make a lot of useful crafts; It is suitable for a children's car.

Getting started, you need to understand that the machine is made for the child, therefore, must meet the relevant safety requirements. The toy must be strong, withstand a load that exceeds the baby’s weight several times, which is formed when it is actively used in games. Cracks, chips should not be present on parts, nodes - such flaws can cause injuries.

Start work with the development of a drawing of the car, procurement of materials and tools necessary for its manufacture. From the first - this is plywood, which is better to buy high-quality, premium, without any flaws on the front side. The material may cost more, but it will pay off in the future, since there will be less waste, there will be no need to process and eliminate cracks, chips, knots.

Plywood sheets must be purchased so that they can be used to cut out the entire body of the car. This will significantly save on fasteners, will have a positive impact on the safety of future toys. In addition to plywood for crafts, you will need wooden blocks, fasteners.

Of the tools when creating a car and working with plywood, you can not do without an electric jigsaw, plane, hacksaw, sandpaper, ruler, marker.

After preparing materials and tools, drawings are transferred to plywood sheets. Parts are cut out with an electric jigsaw: at first they are occupied with internal holes, the openings then go to the contour. They work carefully so as not to injure themselves.

The resulting parts are brought to condition with a planer, polished edges with sandpaper. Then treated with drying oil or stain and give time to dry.

Start assembling the car. Do this in two ways. In the first, in the manufacture of parts, grooves and spikes are provided for this purpose at the edges. The method is laborious, responsible, its use requires certain skills, qualifications. If there is no experience, then it is better to assemble using corners, pieces of bars and self-tapping screws.

After assembly, proceed to the finishing work. Here the main material is paint, and the tool is a brush. Include fantasy, draw license plates, grille, door handles. Provide crafts with headlights that make convex.

Wheels, if the car is small, made of plywood, if its dimensions are significant, then use unusable tires. The car is equipped with a steering wheel and pedals. If desired, you can install a battery on it, real headlights, turn signals and switches, with which all of the above is turned on.

Small children cannot play alone with such crafts. Must be attended by an adult.

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