How to make a very reliable adhesive for plastic using soda

Soda can be different: calcined or linen; crystalline; caustic; food, represented by sodium bicarbonate. In the house, in the kitchen there is the latter, it is used in the household for various purposes.

Most often, baking soda is used for baking, various dishes, quenching it with vinegar. Soda clean dishes, remove dirt on the kitchen furniture, hood.

Recently there was information about the use of baking soda for bonding plastic. Use it with superglue. Using a combination of these two substances, broken plastic products are repaired and glued. The mixture quickly becomes solid, gaining strength not inferior to plastic. Moreover, it can, after the final setting, process, grind.

To make the connection reliable, the joints of the plastic parts are degreased using alcohol. Then baking soda is poured onto the damaged area and covered with a layer of liquid superglue. The latter can be any, even Chinese.

Soda and superglue enter into the polymerization reaction, which lasts several seconds. After, in their place remains a solid patch. Then it remains to grind it to the desired shape, to grind. In it, you can even arrange holes that are needed to connect damaged plastic parts.

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