How to make a tree of love

The "tree of love" was originally called the sculptural composition of natural wood, on which locks, symbolizing the strength of relations, were hung by lovers, newlyweds. Later, crafts also began to be called, in which there are forms resembling hearts.

Making a tree of love is easy. The craft can be presented to a loved one as a symbol of your relationship to him. For its manufacture use different materials, for example, beads.

Make a tree of love begin with the base for the trunk. Use a sufficiently thick and stiff wire. Two pieces are cut from it and bent so that each of them depicts a half heart shape. Their lower ends are connected with a thin soft wire, creating a frame. Upper make touching one another and bend curls.

Then they go on to make twigs for the tree of love. At this stage, wire and beads are used. Beads in color can be any, but for such a craft it is better to buy pink, blue.

The wire for twigs is used of medium stiffness. It should be easily bent, its diameter should be less than the size of the holes in the beads prepared for crafts.

A small piece is cut from the wire, five beads are strung on it. The ends of the wire are brought together and twisted. Get a loop of beads, which give the shape of a leaf. According to the described technology, nine loops are prepared. Each uses only pink or blue beads.

After all the leaves are ready, proceed to the formation of the branch. It is made of two pieces of wire with leaves (one blue, one pink), which are woven together. On one tree of love you need to prepare 25 ... 30 branches of the same color. They are connected by five pieces in bundles, shifting the arrangement of leaves vertically.

Harvested bunches are attached to a frame made of thick wire, wrapped with thick colorful threads. Distribute evenly over the heart-shaped trunk.

Prepare the container, fill it with gypsum and place the frame in it with the lower end. After setting, the surface of the set gypsum is decorated, covering it with paint, beads, ribbons, multi-colored threads. Trim the trunk: its lower part can be covered with alabaster, painted; can be wrapped with colorful ribbons, threads, tinsel.

There may be other options for making a tree of love. For example, in the form of a motley ball decorated with hearts, placed on a high, spirally curved leg. You can decorate tree branches with heart-shaped leaves made of multi-colored glass woven from bright threads.

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