Useful jigsaw tool

Jigsaw is among the frequently requested tools that craftsmen use in the manufacture of crafts. But they, having little experience, are difficult to perform accurate cuts. Helps to cope with the problem using various devices that facilitate the handling of the device, increasing the quality of the work they perform.

One of such devices allows high-quality cutting of product elements, which can only be done with an end saw. Craft has a simple design, quickly made.

A piece of 72-centimeter length is cut from a planed board 10 cm wide. Two lines are drawn on it, 1.5 cm apart from the long sides. Using a milling cutter, a groove is made between them in the board with a thickness of at least 0.5 cm, if the thickness of the board allows, then up to 1 cm. The resulting recess is used in the device as a guide for the heel of a jigsaw.

Slices are cut from a wooden bar with a length equal to the width of the groove arranged in the board and a thickness equal to its depth. Glue them along the edges of the groove, across the board. Through holes are drilled in the center, pieces of tubes are inserted into them with an inner diameter of 6 mm, they are pressed in.

They are engaged in the manufacture of coasters. A rectangular blank of 72x40 cm in size is cut out of plywood. Two pieces of 72 cm in length and two - 35 cm are cut from a bar with a cross section of 8x2.5 cm. They are fixed with narrow sides along the edges of the plywood blank with self-tapping screws.

Placed on top of the stand previously made guide parallel to the large sides. The distance of its axis from the bottom side of the stand is 24 cm, from the top - 16. Through holes on the edges of the tube, through holes of 6 mm diameter are drilled.

Remove the guide. Drill holes in the stand to size to install Insert M6 nuts. Screw the studs into them, onto which the guide is mounted back.

A jigsaw without a file is placed at the right end of the guide. Mark with a marker the place where the file is located, drill a hole in it. Insert the file and make a cut with a jigsaw, moving it along the guide to the other edge.

On the right side of the cut, two holes are drilled on the right side of the cut and right next to it. One - at the beginning of the cut, the second - 10 cm from it to the far edge. With the help of a jigsaw, the insert between them is sawn out - a narrow gap is formed in the bottom of the guide.

Engaged in a stand. Increase to 5 cm the width of the gap in the upper side. On the left side, a 19 cm long block is attached from below: it is parallel to the side of the stand, its right side is located at a distance slightly more than the distance from it to the end of the cut; when installing the guide, the upper end of the bar abuts against it.

Depart from the right side of the bar mounted on the left side of the stand, 15 cm, draw a vertical line. A point (axis) is marked on it at a distance of 9 cm from the bottom of the stand. Using a protractor, angles in multiples of 45 ° are marked on the left side of it with lines. A hole is drilled at a point (axis), a piece of tube is inserted into it, they are pressed in.

A blank is made of a bar in the form of a rectangle of 17.5 x 3.5 cm in size, in which a semicircle with a radius of 2 ... 3 cm is arranged in the middle of one of the large sides (it can be made as a square). In the center of the semicircle, a hole is drilled along the side line of the rectangular part of the workpiece. Insert a bolt into it and place its free end in another hole that was previously arranged on the stand. In this case, the workpiece is placed in a semicircular protrusion to the left.

If it is necessary to make an end cut, the board is stolen on the stand end-to-end with the bar installed on the left side. They put a guide on the studs, fix its ends with wing nuts. The edge of the board is located under the guide. Place the jigsaw on the guide, perform a cut that will be exactly at an angle of 90 °.

If you want to cut at an angle, for example, 45 °, attach the element to the stand to the right of the bar. Position it at the desired angle and clamp it with a screw. The processed board is pressed to the right to the rectangular part of this element, the guide is installed, it is fixed and cut with a jigsaw. It will be exactly at an angle of 45 °.

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