What is necessary to make soap

Soap cooking is a fascinating and uncomplicated process. At least so say the craftsmen who devote their free time to this. In order to do soap making it is necessary to evaluate the results of a hobby - with soap, made manually and independently:

  • Guaranteed natural, environmentally friendly and can be unique in form and composition;
  • Contains only those supplements that suit you;
  • Allows you to create and realize your creative potential.

To cook soap at home, use: soap base; base soap; essential oil; dyes; additives; dishes; molds for soap; alcohol warm milk.

The soap base is white, transparent. Sold in specialized stores. The white base is almost the same baby soap, but odorless. Transparent allows you to experiment and get a beautiful soap. You can replace the soap base with baby soap. It is used by beginners at the beginning of soap making classes.

As a base, almond oil can be used. Suitable olive or apricot, peach. In general, you can experiment with anyone.

From essential oils, those that are suitable for the skin are chosen. If it is oily or problematic, then tea tree oil is used, if sensitive - ylang-ylang. Vitamin oil is rich in vitamins, in addition, it helps to fight cellulite.

Dyes are available specifically for soap. Food suitable. You can give the soap color with additives of juice (suitable fruit, vegetable), chocolate, cocoa.

Additives are used to give the soap some specific properties. To get a scrub soap, use: ground coffee or nutshell; You can replace them with oatmeal. The additive may be honey, glycerin; apply dry flowers, infusions of herbs; often use cream.

From the dishes, one that can be used to arrange a water bath is suitable. Usually these are large pans.

Molds can be different. Available specifically for soap; Confectionery, children’s. You can use containers made of ceramic, plastic of the appropriate volume, shape.

Lubricate the molds in which soap is formed.

Soap base is diluted with warm milk. Instead, they use water, decoctions.

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