How to make your computer noisy

Noise always accompanies the computer at work. But if it began to intensify, change the tonality, then this may indicate problems with the device and the need to take some measures. Failure to do so can cause serious damage to the computer.

The reason for the increase in noise may be its overload. This often happens when a program is launched, for example, a game that requires high computing power. An increase in load leads to an increase in the temperature of components. A fan responds to this, which speeds up its work, but a side effect is an increase in noise level.

You can reduce fan noise in such situations by changing the settings. But this step is guaranteed to lead to overheating of the elements inside the system unit. And this is a direct way to reduce their resource.

If the computer has passed dust cleaning, and its noise is increased only when working with programs that require large resources, then it is better not to do anything. It is simply necessary to reduce the frequency and duration of games, thereby eliminating overheating of the device. It is advisable to pause work, giving the computer time to cool.

Very often, the cause of computer noise is dust. It accumulates over time on the fan blades, creates additional friction, does not allow the device to work normally. The noise in this case acquires a buzzing hue.

In addition, dust deposited on the elements inside the system unit degrades their cooling. The temperature of the parts increases, which makes the fan work more intensively. The latter leads to increased noise.

Dust cleaning will help reduce noise. The computer is disconnected from the network, the cover is removed from the case and vacuum cleaned, but carefully, inside, removing dust not only from the fan, but also from other components.

Cleaning your computer is straightforward. Problems can arise when working with a laptop - in this case, you can contact the service center.

If vibrating or rattling notes began to appear in the noise, then most likely the reason for this is the leaking attachment of parts of the case, components. Eliminate it by disassembling the computer, checking the presence and employment of all the bolts. If they are not there, then you need to put new ones that have departed - tighten them up.

Sometimes the general noise of a computer is accompanied by clicks, tersk, and other similar sounds. They appear when the hard drive malfunctions and indicates that the device may soon fail. You can fix the problem only by repairing the hard drive or changing it to a new one.

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