Homemade plastic pipe drilling machine

The device of the drilling machine requires the manufacture of a frame. Usually it is made of metal, wood - materials that can give rigidity, structural stability. However, the craftsmen proved that plastic pipes are suitable for her. The option turns out to be quite reliable and suitable for those who do not want or are not able to handle iron and wood.

A homemade plastic pipe drilling machine has a number of advantages over a metal counterpart. It is easy to make; he is light. However, it has less load capacity, therefore it is possible to use a “plastic” unit only for drilling small elements.

The diameter of the pipes is any, but preferably not less than 25 mm.

They assemble a movable unit from a cross and two tees. The inner diameter of the cross must be larger so that it can move along the pipe. Tees with lateral branches are inserted into opposite exits of a crosspiece. Compounds of elements do not solder - they remain mobile.

They are engaged in the manufacture of a central unit on which the drill will be placed. Two crosses are soldered to each other through an adapter, placing them in the same plane. End exits are closed with plugs. A wooden plate is attached to one of them, to which a drill is attached with clamps.

Solder the base of the machine from four tees and four small pipe sections. Get a square flat design. During assembly, a tee is welded on one of the pipe segments with a lateral outlet perpendicular to the base plane. They put a tee on it, directing the side exit back from the base. A short piece of pipe is inserted into it, on the free end of which a corner is welded with the direction of the free exit up. The distance between the axes of the exits of the tee and the corner should be equal to the distance between the axes of the crosses from the central node.

Pipe pieces are welded vertically into the exits of the tee and corner. The compression springs are put on them, then the central unit is on top. Have: on the front desk mobile unit; on the far side - the crosspiece is fixed rigidly, the corners are movably to its lateral exits (the distance between the axes of their free exits should correspond to the distance between the axes of the crosses from the movable unit.

Two pieces of pipe are welded into the corners, which are passed through the crosspieces of the movable assembly. The free ends are connected with the help of corners and a piece of pipe, forming a handle, which lower-raise the drill.

It remains only to connect the upper parts of the vertical pipes by welding with the corners and a pipe segment, the stiffness of the frame on which the movable part is fixed is ensured. The base of the structure is covered with a plate of wood - a part is installed on it, in which a hole should be drilled.

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