Beautiful wooden swing on the house plot

A swing made of wood will decorate any local area. The material is cheap, practical, eco-friendly, it is easy to make them even a beginner. Wooden swing will look good in any type of landscape design.

The disadvantages of the material are the need for protection against decay, insects, rain, direct sunlight, sudden changes in temperature. They solve the problem of painting parts with an antiseptic, stain coating, varnish.

A swing looks beautiful, in which the swinging part is made in the form of a bench, and it is suspended from a structure made of logs. They are placed on a flat platform. They begin by marking the boundaries of the structure, marking them with pegs hammered into the ground.

Harvest the necessary material. For supports, workpieces with a minimum diameter of 10 cm and a length of 2.07 m are used. Four of them are necessary. Billets are placed on the edges of the site, connecting in the upper part in pairs at an angle of 30 °. The lower ends are bred at a distance of 1.04 m (on the outside). In the upper part, at a height of 1.85 m, arrange circular recesses to accommodate the transverse beam. For the latter, a beam of the same diameter is used as for supporting parts - its length is 4.5 m.

For reliability and stability of the supports, jumpers are attached to the bottom and at a little more than half the total height of the supports (1.25 m). Their length, respectively, is 1.1 and 0.46 m. ​​They are arranged from round billets of the same diameter as the struts of the supports.

The supporting parts of the swing are placed one from another at a distance of 4.1 m. A transverse beam is placed in their upper part in previously arranged recesses. Fasten with long bolts and nuts.

For reliability, stability of the whole structure, oblique supports are arranged on both sides. They are attached from below to the upper crossbars in the supports, and above - to the transverse beam, to which the bench is suspended. The angle of inclination of the supports should be such that they do not go beyond the hinges of the bench, the width between which is 1.5 m. The joints are made using long bolts.

Mark the middle of the upper cross member, mark 75 cm to the sides, and drill through holes vertically. Bolts are inserted into them, washers are laid on top, and eye nuts are screwed. The lower part of the bolts with a circular loop - to them carabiners attach ropes or chains on which the bench is suspended.

A shop can be purchased ready-made at the store. It is easy to make it yourself from wooden bars and planks. They are attached to the cross members, which are provided at the ends with loops for attaching to the lower ends of the rope or chain.

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