How to make a homemade winch from a starter

Most often drivers of cross-country vehicles are stocked with winches. Devices help them overcome rough terrain, off-road. Mechanisms can be purchased ready-made. You can, if desired, do it yourself.

The winch design is represented by: a drum with a cable; engine; gearbox; basis (chassis). The device can be made from a starter by spending a maximum of an hour on this.

If there is no finished drum with a cable, then it is made from a pipe of large diameter and sheet metal 3 ... 5 mm thick. Cheeks cut from the latter are simply welded to the ends of a piece of pipe. A gear is attached to one of the cheeks, through which the force will be transmitted from the gearbox.

The drum can be made from a Zhiguli hub. They need two. Billets, to ensure alignment, are placed on the mandrel, welded on thin sides.

The best option for the gearbox is considered to be a device taken from a trolley bus, where it is used when opening / closing doors. If you can’t find it, then a starter will do. But not simple, but equipped with a planetary gear. The product is compact, lightweight, which gives it an advantage over analogues.

A self-made winch is placed on the car, usually on the front bumper. You can make it portable. In this case, the device is attached to the machine if necessary.

Having made a winch from the starter, get the most compact version of the craft. It is this that eliminates some of the inconvenience that may arise in the future when operating the mechanism. In addition, the use of other motors and gears complicates the design, making it less reliable.

When assembling the winch on the starter, you need to be responsible for the selection of all components. They must be of high quality so as not to create problems in the future when using the device.

When making a winch, you cannot rush. The functioning of the process depends on the accuracy of the process. An important stage is the installation of electrical wiring that connects the starter to the battery. Winch control must be done, taking away from its nodes that rotate. The latter provides increased safety of the use of the mechanism, reducing the likelihood of injuries associated with it.

Self-assembled winches are always more dangerous than factory winches. They, due to the lack of stoppers, must not lift loads. Their advantages are compactness, longer service life.

Watch the video: homemade winch (April 2020).

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