How to make a voltage converter at a cheap cost

Voltage converters today are in demand in a wide variety of electrical circuits that ensure the operation of household appliances and tools. Among them there are budget boosters, the main drawback of which is a poor-quality sine wave at the output. The models do not have this more powerful, but they are expensive, although in contrast to the first - an additional 6 transistors at the output.

Boost to convert do-it-yourself profitable only high power. This will save significant money.

These converters are assembled from 12 to 220 V in different ways. Three methods are used more often, applying:

  • Ready blocks, radio designers;
  • Uninterruptible power supplies;
  • Amateur radio schemes.

The first method is more expensive than others, but much faster. Blocks can be ordered in China. The second cheaper, is to upgrade the uninterruptible power supply, which can be bought on Avito. The third is the most difficult, since it involves assembling the converter from scratch.

High-power inverters are used mainly to connect construction power tools when performing work on the site. They differ from low-power ones by the number of transformers that are in the output circuit. Power transistors are also provided in addition. Their prime cost differs insignificantly, although the price of factory-made ones varies significantly.

The optimal power of the voltage converter is 3000 watts. If you make it like this, then you can use the craft to connect a drill, grinder, other power tool.

Manufactured inverters that increase current up to 220 V with 36, 24, 12 are not suitable for installation in a car. If you ignore this warning, then you can easily fulfill the available electrics.

For a home-made converter, popular TL494 transistors are used, their analogues are suitable. A specific scheme is selected from the set presented on the site // There they are represented by about 14 dozen (increasing, in particular, not less than half) with a power of 50 ... 5000 W and you can choose under the conditions of use, available components.

The devices are assembled in any convenient way, but it is better to use printed circuit boards - they get more compact, decent-looking converters. If you decided on choosing a device with a power of 2500 W, you will stock up on sixteen transistors and four suitable transformers.

You can stop when manufacturing a voltage converter on the radio. In this case, follow the instructions. Which is attached to the set of parts.

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