How to make an original cigarette case from pieces of wood

When the master has no special ideas what can be made of wood, but there is some free time, then you can realize the idea of ​​an original handmade cigarette case. This product can be a good holiday gift for any man, even a non-smoker. Such a cigarette case itself is a very beautiful thing, and can be a great souvenir.

To create it, it is better to choose hard woods, such as oak, birch or ash. Some rare and exotic ones are also quite suitable.

To implement the idea you will need:

  • wooden block, 20 mm thick;
  • wood cutters;
  • coarse and fine sand paper;
  • piano mini loop;
  • small cloves;
  • epoxy adhesive;
  • polishing paste;
  • a piece of soft tissue;
  • hammer;
  • linseed oil;
  • natural wax.

The manufacturing algorithm is simple:

  1. A small block of suitable sizes is selected and sawn into two 10 mm thick dies.
  2. The surface is sanded with cutters, a knife and fine sandpaper.
  3. The same incisors in both parts cut out the recesses along the length of the cigarettes. Everything is similarly polished.
  4. Next, you need to wait a while until the dies are completely dry, otherwise they may warp, and will not converge tightly.
  5. With the help of an emery cloth, the halves must be adjusted to each other as tightly as possible.
  6. To install the loops, the side faces must also be well aligned.
  7. The halves are applied to each other in an expanded form, in the middle, a depression under the loop is selected.
  8. The loop is mounted on miniature nails, and for reliability it is also coated with epoxy glue.
  9. A small hook and a clove is placed on the exposed parts of the cigarette case from the outside so that the product does not open by itself.
  10. The finished cigarette case will look beautiful if it is polished with a soft cloth with a special paste, then coated with two layers of linseed oil and wax. It will also give it extra protection against moisture and other undesirable effects.

At your discretion, a cigarette case can be used to decorate the lid of a cigarette case. This may be the family coat of arms or the initials of the owner. You can’t confuse such a registered cigarette case with anything.

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