How to make your own backlight in the trunk of your car

One of the famous improvements to personal cars is the backlight system. In addition to a pleasant change in appearance, it carries practicality and does not require large expenses.

A good example is the installation of lighting in the luggage compartment. The upgrade does not require the use of complex devices and in-depth knowledge in electrical engineering, so motorists can do everything with their own hands. The necessary parts are inexpensive, affordable for owners of budget cars. The main difference is the benefit: thanks to the backlight, there is any thing in the trunk, even in the dark.

Backlight manufacturing

Blanks for work will serve as a foil textolite, cut into three strips (one of which is painted to match the body color). For each, 3 LEDs are needed. You also need a power supply (for example, LM317).

Cuts are applied to the strips at the soldering points for the LEDs. An engraving machine with a cutting disc (or a similar available tool) will do. Using a soldering iron, attach the diodes to the PCB.

Prepare wires for connecting to the battery. A few - for ready-made light strips, two more, crimped with flat connectors - for the unit.

Light modules are attached to the trunk: painted - next to its lock, the rest - on the upper wall, closer to the edges. For this, a double-sided tape tape is suitable.

The power supply is fixed to the taillight housing using plastic clamps.

Under the brackets for the springs, wires are drawn, connected to the block and tapes, and then assembled into ties with clamps.

The power source will be the socket of a standard lamp, where they insert the flat connectors from the unit.

For a change, you can install additional tapes with diodes of other colors and sizes. Advanced enthusiasts with electronic skills can attach a switch connected to the lighting system under the door to the luggage compartment. Result - when you open the trunk, the light will turn on independently.

It is not necessary to glue strips on the top of the trunk: any section or even subwoofers will do - all at the discretion of the driver.

LEDs provide good brightness: weaker than a searchlight, but stronger than a standard lamp in a car. Energy does not consume so much: about 75 mA (versus 1000 mA lamps for headlights).

The process of manufacturing and installing lights for the luggage compartment is simple, but specific. For a person unfamiliar with electrical appliance connection systems, the best way out is to provide work to a competent specialist or work under his close supervision.

Watch the video: Flow LED Strip Trunk Light For Car + Installing Video (April 2020).

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