Do-it-yourself baby chair with soft saddle

Factory children's furniture made from natural materials has a rather high price. Even mass models have such a disadvantage. In addition, in the store it is not always possible to choose the right option for your child. You can solve the problem yourself by making such an item from wood. The work is not complicated and anyone can master it.

A homemade highchair will exactly match the individual needs of the child and will not require high material costs. In addition, having assembled a chair according to your own design, you can get a unique product.

For children's furniture, you need to choose environmentally friendly materials, so the chair should be made of natural wood or plywood. Each hardware store has a wide selection of boards and slats of any size. To build a solid frame, you will need wooden blocks, and the seat and backrest can be made of plywood or boards. Plastic and metal parts for the stool is better not to use. Plastic has low environmental friendliness, and metal can cause injury to the child.

To begin with, choose the design and construction of the stool. You can do this yourself, or find suitable drawings on the Internet. Then they make a simple sketch on paper, indicating the desired overall dimensions of the product. In accordance with them, the necessary parts are procured.

It should be remembered that every detail should be carefully processed to avoid the appearance of sharp chips and burrs. This can be done manually, with fine-grained emery paper, or using a grinder. Sharp corners are rounded off with a jigsaw, well-cutting sections.

At the end of processing, proceed to assembly of the structure. For this, carpentry glue is used. Parts are best secured with tongue and groove joints. If there is no way to make them, you will have to use screws. So that they do not harm the child, their heads are sunk into the surface of the bars by at least 10 mm. The resulting holes are closed with wooden corks, fixing them to glue. After that, the surface is ground.

An important element of the chair is a soft seat. It can be made from sheet foam rubber. It is carefully cut off on the plywood base and glued to it with any glue. From above the seat is fitted with a leatherette, securing it with a construction stapler. The choice of this material is based on ease of cleaning.

To give the stool a more aesthetic appearance, it is coated with varnish or multi-colored paints.

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