How to make a woodcutter for a fireplace with your own hands

Some people dream of their own fireplace, where you can bask in the cold winter. Well, this dream is quite feasible. There is only one problem. After some time, the wood in the fireplace will completely burn out. And for new ones you will need to go out into the courtyard or onto the street. In addition, before putting it into the fireplace, such firewood will need to be thoroughly dried. In view of all these circumstances, you may want to have your own firewood-braid, which will be located within walking distance from the fireplace.

This product can be made without problems yourself. After all, some people simply do not want to throw out a lot of money for the woodcutter. As a rule, in most cases, the most common stand will be an excellent option, which will fit into the overall interior of the room without any problems. In this article, a clear algorithm of actions will be given, following which it will be possible to obtain an original product for storing firewood. Of course, nothing complicated! This material is intended for ordinary people who have little understanding in the manufacture of firewood.

Many people, for sure, know that it is near the fireplace that romance is created. All that is necessary for the normal operation of the fireplace is a woodcutter, as well as a poker, with the help of which it is necessary to throw firewood into the fireplace. A stand for firewood can be made in a few minutes. On average, this procedure does not take more than half an hour. To do this, you need a tube and a number of fittings that must be securely fastened. By the way, to perform such work it is not necessary to purchase a number of different tools. It is enough to have an adjustable wrench on hand with which a person will tighten the bolts.

For the manufacture of firewood, all points of the following algorithm must be observed:

  1. Connect the foot caps together using bolts. By the way, their length should not exceed 50 cm.
  2. For vertical legs, metal pipes half a meter high are quite suitable.
  3. Next, make a frame. To do this, place the assembled structure on the metal legs.
  4. All four pipes should be tightened with a wrench. This will increase the stability of the firewood.
  5. Proceed to set up a V-shaped connection.
  6. At the last stage, you need to assemble the rack.

Perhaps that's all. Also, a support for firewood can be made of wooden beams. The main thing is that they have sufficient strength. As a rule, such a stand is designed for a small amount of firewood, which should be enough for one evening of the fireplace.

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