Unusual furniture from cinder blocks for a garden plot

Cinder blocks - a universal building material that can be used not only for the construction of walls of residential and commercial buildings. A skillful and competent approach will make it possible to make unusual elements from a relatively budgetary and easy-to-use material that create original decor for the exterior of any home. In particular, such furniture sets and figurines will look harmoniously in the exterior of the house, made in the style of a loft or high-tech.

The advantage of furniture assembled from cinder blocks is not only its original appearance and practicality, but also the speed of assembly. Also, the cost of such products will be affordable for every average consumer who can independently assemble furniture sets, even without special skills and without professional building tools.

How to use cinder blocks in the house area

From this material you can build original stands for benches and tables. The presence of holes in them will allow you to store personal items or perform original design lighting.

Also from cinder blocks can be built stands for garden and indoor plants. The advantage is that the shape of such coasters can be regularly changed at your discretion. To do this, it is enough to rearrange the cinder blocks from place to place, add new elements, or vice versa - remove them.

Furniture from cinder blocks in the garden

Building material can serve as the main elements for the manufacture of furniture sets - sofas and armchairs. After their installation and fastening, it will be enough to lay pillows on the surface, which will make the furniture more soft and stylish. Instead of pillows, you can use pre-restored wooden battens of the desired length and width.

A feature of cinder blocks is that their use allows the manufacture of furniture sets of any shape and size. In this case, the owner of the site will spend a minimum budget on the purchase of building material.

It is important before starting work on the assembly of furniture to clean the cinder blocks from dust and dirt, primer them and cover with a layer of acrylic paint. The paint needs to be applied in several layers, because concrete absorbs any finishing materials well.

To uniformly paint the cinder blocks, it is recommended to use a special foam roller. Such a coating will protect the material from environmental influences and make it aesthetically attractive.

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