How to make a cutlery stand out of a plastic bottle

On the premises of any kitchen, many items are stored, for the placement of which special devices are required. The greatest inconvenience is delivered by small cutlery. They should always be in an accessible place and kept in a certain order.

To help housewives, manufacturers produce many varieties of coasters and trays for storing cutlery. However, if there is a desire and some skills, such items can be made with your own hands. Material for creativity is often empty plastic bottles from under various drinks.

The first version of the stand for spoons, forks and other small things is 4 or 6 containers connected to each other. Bottles for them choose the same size and shape. Using a sharp knife, lower parts are cut from each of them at 2/3 of the height. They are thoroughly washed from dirt and residual labels.

Then the resulting containers are decorated. There are several ways to do this. The simplest of them is spray paint. The coating will be even but not durable enough.

The next method is to apply a colored self-adhesive film or textile to plastic containers. You can use burlap or jute fabric. The material is fixed on containers using universal glue.

The containers wrapped in dense rows of epee or nylon cord look beautiful and unusual. It is fixed on plastic with universal glue.

The base of the stand will be a wooden or plywood board, to which containers from bottles need to be fixed. To do this, they are placed on the table in pairs and measure the width and height. In accordance with these sizes, the base is cut. All its surfaces are sanded with sandpaper to eliminate chips and burrs.

The base is coated with paint or stain, and the top is coated with a transparent waterproof varnish. After drying, the structure is assembled. First, the containers are attached to a thin rail with screws. Then the rail is fixed to a vertical base. The delivery is ready to use.

An easier way involves making a hanging stand for cutlery. A plastic bottle is cut with a sharp knife, forming a protrusion on one of its walls. A hole is made in it for hanging the container on the wall. An unadorned bottle looks unaesthetic, so it is decorated with the above methods.

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