How to make a small sideboard in the kitchen from plywood and drawers

The presence in the kitchen of the buffet allows you to conveniently place in it a large number of dishes and other necessary items. Furniture factories use solid wood, chipboard or MDF for its manufacture. For independent production, plywood with a thickness of at least 16 mm is suitable. It has sufficient strength and environmental friendliness, and with appropriate surface treatment, it can easily withstand high humidity.

First, you need to measure the place where you plan to install the buffet. In this case, the location of heating radiators, pipes, niches in the walls, electrical outlets and other objects that cannot be transferred to other places should be taken into account. In some apartments, ceilings or floors are uneven, so height measurements need to be carried out in several places.

It is also necessary to take into account the width of the kitchen, so that when the drawers are extended or the doors are open, the sideboard does not create obstacles to the movement of a person. All dimensions must be transferred to the schematic drawing, which will be needed during operation. On it, they draw the appearance of the future buffet, for the development of which they use their own ideas, or borrow them on the Internet.

Work begins with the manufacture of large elements - the rear and side walls, partitions, shelves, parts of drawers. Plywood cutting is best done with a hand saw or using a woodworking machine. If there are no such tools, you can contact the furniture workshop, where the craftsmen will produce high-quality cutting of the material.

The resulting parts must be carefully treated with sandpaper or an electric grinder. Particular attention should be paid to the places of cuts, removing from them all chips and burrs.

Assembly is carried out on a wide table or on the floor. The parts are fastened with wood glue and wooden dowels, which, together with accessories, are purchased in any furniture store. To get high-quality and reliable joints, the elements of the future buffet are fixed with clamps until the glue dries.

At the next stage, drawers are assembled. They are equipped with bottoms of thin plywood, which is mounted on small nails or screws. For ease of use, the boxes are equipped with roller hinges and decorative handles.

A fully assembled buffet is treated with antiseptic formulations to prevent decay. After, all its surfaces are covered with stain, varnish or paint. The choice depends only on the imagination of the author and the design of the kitchen.

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