Homemade travel bag for jewelry and other small things

For convenient storage or transportation of small items, a special device was invented - a travel bag. It is a box or handbag in which each item has its own cell. Traveling bags are often used to store toiletries or cosmetics.

To make a unique travel bag with your own hands you will need a piece of dense fabric or felt. It is also necessary to take braid, tape, elastic and special material for tamping. First you need to decide on the list of items that will be stored in the travel bag. In accordance with this, a rectangular pattern is made from this cardboard. For greater aesthetics, its edges are rounded. So that they have the same circumference, use a pair of compasses, a glass or other rounded object.

Next, prepare the fabric for work. To do this, a lining material, for example, non-woven, is applied to it from the wrong side. It is fixed to the fabric with a slightly heated iron. At the same time, the fabric cannot be smoothed or stretched. Non-woven fabric is simply pressed with an iron to the entire surface of the fabric. The result is a durable material suitable for the manufacture of a travel bag.

Now the fabric is turned upside down, a pattern is applied to it and circled in chalk. According to the obtained contours, two identical parts are cut with sharp scissors. Seam allowances are not necessary. Both parts are stitched together by one of the sides and edged with a ribbon of contrasting color.

On the inside of the travel bag, measure several centimeters from the edges and draw two parallel strips of chalk. Two strips of braid or elastic are sewn into this place, having gathered them in folds. They will serve as cells for storing bubbles with cosmetics, nail polish or combs. Having folded the travel bag in half, it is tied with a beautiful braid.

Another version of the travel bag is sewn of thin felt. It is a rectangular-shaped handbag with a zipper. First, according to a pre-made pattern, the necessary details are cut out of felt. A suitable pattern can be easily found on the Internet.

Then, zipper is sewn to the side elements of the travel bag from the inside. In the next step, all the elements are joined together. The resulting handbag is turned on the front side. To decorate the travel bag use applique or embroidery. The zipper lock is decorated with a brush made from scraps of felt.

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