Do-it-yourself stylish wooden napkin holder

DIY items always keep a piece of the soul of their creator. They have beauty and uniqueness, decorating the interior of any room. This can be said with confidence even about such simple crafts as napkins, which are an integral attribute of the kitchen in every home.

The process of making a napkin holder is quite simple, which makes it accessible even to people who do not have any experience in performing such work. To get a stylish and durable product, you need a sheet of plywood 3-5 mm thick.

When buying, you should choose a material without knots, cracks and chips. The veneer in it should not have bundles. Before work, the material should be prepared. The surface of the plywood is cleaned with fine sandpaper, completely eliminating its roughness. It should be absolutely smooth to the touch.

Drawings for napkin holders are prepared independently, or use any schemes presented on the Internet. They are printed on paper and cut out to get patterns. If desired, the contours of the parts are transferred to plywood using carbon paper. The drawing is attached to the plywood with clamps or buttons.

When everything is transferred to the material, the blanks are cut. Usually, models of napkin holders presented on the Internet are decorated with carved patterns. Such work is done only with a manual jigsaw. To install the jigsaw blade, you will need to drill several small holes within the outline of the drawing. Only after cutting the pattern, the workpiece is cut off at the outer edge.

Roughnesses and burrs formed during the operation are removed with sandpaper, again carefully grinding the plywood. Inaccuracies and flaws of the internal pattern are eliminated with a file.

Now it’s the turn of assembling the napkin holder. Finished parts are carefully inserted into the grooves specially provided for this, not forgetting to lubricate them with PVA glue or other composition that forms a strong and transparent layer.

After the glue has completely dried, they start decorating the crafts. If the model of the napkin holder does not initially have carved patterns, a drawing on its surface can be applied with an electric burner or using decoupage technique.

Finishing the napkin holder consists in processing the product with a stain. On top of it is covered with several layers of transparent varnish. Alternatively, the stand can be painted with ordinary paint from an aerosol can. A perfectly even layer of paint will add aesthetics to the finished craft.


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