How to sew a durable shopping bag with your own hands

Recently, a very useful invention of designers is gaining popularity - a shopper bag. It has a large capacity and attractive appearance. Such characteristics allow you to use it everyday, going not only for shopping, but also for work.

Materials for its sewing are used very different. Very often it is a dense fabric such as linen or matting. There are bags made of dermantine, genuine leather or denim. Knitted applique, beads, embroidery are used as decor. The bag itself can also serve as an element of decor, especially if it has a non-standard shape, such as a trapezoid or a triangle.

A shopper can sew a bag even for an inexperienced person. Having shown your creative abilities, you can get a fashion accessory with a unique design. This will require any dense fabric, zipper, lining fabric and metal fittings for attaching handles.

Patterns are developed independently or choose the finished model on the Internet to your liking. They are printed on paper and the patterns are prepared by sticking on cardboard. The fabric is laid out on the table and, having attached a template to it, outline its contours with chalk. At the same time, do not forget to leave allowances for the seams. If desired, the details of the bag can be cut out of different materials or multi-colored fabric. For example, pens and the bottom are made of leather, and everything else is made of matter.

First, lining material is ironed to the wrong side of each cut-out part. This operation significantly increases the strength of the fabric. Next, make handles bags. Parts are folded by wrapping the edges on each side. So that they do not straighten out, the workpiece is ironed and then stitched. The edges of the handles are bent and stitched, fixing metal carbines in them.

On the outside of each side part, stitches with metal rings are sewn. They will be needed to fasten the handles of the bag. Also sew external and internal pockets.

An unzipped zipper is sewn from the wrong side of the side walls of the bag. Also, from the wrong side, the end walls and the bottom of the bag are sewn together. After that, she is inverted through the left open zipper.

The resulting bag is inspected for the strength of the seams, the remaining threads are removed and the handles are fastened. The outer surfaces are decorated to your liking. Everything, the bag is ready to go to the store.

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